Our Story

Lora and I purchased a small homestead and a project home in Barnardsville, NC in 2016. After way too many years living in giant cities surrounded by concrete and steel, we had finally found our paradise in the hills of WNC. We had both quit our 9-5 jobs in anticipation of the time and energy needed in resettling and adapting into a whole new lifestyle. As our home restoration projects started to pile up, and as I plunged back into the job market, I was in serious need of some help. It soon became apparent that good help was hard to find, not to mention good employment. One night as I was starting to panic about our situation and a lack of direction, Lora asked me, "If you could do anything, what would it be?" I paused for a moment and finally said, " I'd work on our house all day and help others." Her face lit up as she put two and two together. Although I was a bit slower in coming to the same conclusion, we ended up launching A Bit of It All one week later, and haven't stopped spinning for a second. When we realized the need in our community for someone that could do a bit of everything and how we could meet that need, we really got excited. Two of the things I love most about this job are getting to know people and building relationships with people throughout the Asheville community. (It's also a really good excuse to come home covered in paint!) When we do get that rare moment of downtime, you'll find Lora making tinctures and teas or playing her ukulele. I'm usually lost in our garden or roaming the woods with our dog, Rabbit.

We are truly living our Dream...and would love to help you live yours.

-Coy and Lora